In-situ Soil and Groundwater Treatment (ISCO)

Case Study for New York ISCO Project Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Total Chemical Management provided by US Peroxide

A remediation contractor received a contract to clean up a former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) waste collection area.  After thorough site characterization, bench testing and a pilot study, the consulting engineer and the remediation contractor selected a treatment program utilizing the contractor's patent-pending, surfactant enhanced In-Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) as the treatment technology.  Due to the magnitude of the contamination and the widespread nature of the groundwater contamination, significant quantities of chemicals (proprietary surfactant, iron chelate, sodium persulfate, and caustic) as well as equipment and fields services were required to execute the site remediation. 

The scope and structure of the project required that a high volume of multiple chemicals be mobilized quickly, which created a significant operational and cost challenge for the contractor. US Peroxide (USP) developed a Total Chemical Management Program to efficiently and cost-effectively execute the project.

Download the Complete New York ISCO Project Case Study (PDF)

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