H2O2 Technical Data Sheets and MSDS



Technical Data Sheets

35% - 70% Standard Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

35% - 50% Oxypure™

Material Safety Data Sheets

20% - 40% Standard Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

40% - 60% Standard Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

20% - 40% Oxypure™ NSF Hydrogen Peroxide

40% - 60% Oxypure™ NSF Hydrogen Peroxide



Technical Data Sheets

35% - 50% HYPROX® Hydrogen Peroxide

Material Safety Data Sheets

27% - 28% Hydrogen Peroxide (all grades)

35% Hydrogen Peroxide (all grades)

50% Hydrogen Peroxide (all grades)


Evonik Industries

Technical Data Sheets

Evonik Hyprox 35 - 70 Product Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheets

HYPROX™ 500 Hydrogen Peroxide

HYPROX™   350 Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide Safety Training Video by Evonik


Solvay Chemicals

Technical Data Sheets

35% - 70% INTEROX® Hydrogen Peroxide

Material Safety Data Sheets

20% - 34% INTEROX® Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide 35% - 50% All Grades

Hydrogen Peroxide 50% =< Conc. <= 60%


USP updates these documents quarterly and lists them on the website for general informational purposes.  To guarantee the most up-to-date MSDS, please refer to the supplier's website directly.  Note that all USP chemical deliveries are accompanied by the most current MSDS.

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