How much does H2O2 cost?


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It depends on the specifics of the requirement (e.g., H2O2 strength and grade, volume per year, packaging and delivery volumes, and location/proximity to production plant or terminal, etc.). Within the continental U.S., the list price for 50% Technical Grade (standard industrial grade), delivered in full tank trucks (40,000 lbs), and freight equalized from the nearest production plant, is as follows.

Product: $0.345 per lb-50% (FOB Houston, TX)
Freight: $3.50 per mile (regardless of delivery volume)
Taxes, tariffs and duties: depends

The freight-equalized production plants are located at or near: Houston, TX; S.Charleston, WV; Mobile, AL; Columbus, MS; Memphis, TN; Vancouver, WA; Gibbons, Alberta; Becancour, Quebec: Maitland, Ontario; and Prince George, British Columbia.

For multiple tank truck deliveries, the competitive situation may allow off-list pricing. Drum pricing (in 55-gallons) is typically 20-30% more than truckload pricing, excluding freight.

To get a firm quote based on your requirements, contact US Peroxide.

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