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UV Disinfection and UV-Oxidation Solutions


Drinking Water and Wastewater Disinfection

Through our relationship with Trojan Technologies, USP Technologies (USP) can offer the most advanced UV systems in the world.  Since 1977, Trojan has led the change to water disinfection systems that use environmentally responsible, cost-effective ultraviolet light.  In drinking water, UV protects against harmful microorganisms, including Cryptosporidium and Giardia without compromising the taste, color or odor of water.


Environmental Contaminant Treatment with Hydrogen Peroxide

In response to growing concerns over trace contaminants in the water supply, TrojanUV, with USP, offers a turnkey solution for treating environmental contaminants.  Using UV technology alone or in conjunction with hydrogen peroxide, this cost-effective advanced oxidation system is capable of destroying emerging contaminants such as pesticides, taste and odor compounds, pharmaceuticals, algal toxins and industrial contaminants found in water.

Case Study:  Hydrogen Peroxide and UV Disinfection.pdf 

For more information, please visit www.TrojanUV.com.


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