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Iron Removal Using Hydrogen Peroxide

The removal of iron from potable water sources is aesthetically advantageous, since iron can discolor the water, spot laundry and stain plumbing fixtures. In addition, the growth of iron-oxidizing bacteria can result in abnormal taste and odor as well as contribute to biofouling in water distribution systems.

OxyPure™ hydrogen peroxide is very effective in the oxidation and precipitation of iron. OxyPure™ rapidly oxidizes iron to form dense, easily settled solids which are removed through conventional flocculation/precipitation/filtration systems.

2 Fe2+ + H2O2 + 2 H+ 2 Fe3+ + H2O
H2O2 ½ O2 + H2O
2 Fe2+ + ½ O2 + H2O 2 Fe3+ + OH-

Advantages of the OxyPureTM System

  • Economical
  • Fast reaction rate
  • Easily settled solids
  • Minimal equipment requirements

Compared to other oxidation technologies, OxyPureTM is a cost effective alternative.

Iron Removal Costs
Ground Water Sources:Midwestern region
Raw Water Iron:8.4 mg/L
Treatment Target for Iron:< 2 mg/L

50% OxyPure™ChlorineKMnO4
Equipment Cost$217,000$264,000$216,000
O&M Cost/Year*$29,000$36,000$33,000

* Includes flocculation and settling chemicals
Source: Lin and Raman, 1990

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