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Odor Control and Hydrogen Sulfide Removal with Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen sulfide, H2S, is a common taste and odor compound found in underground potable water sources, characterized by a rotten-egg odor and metallic taste. OxyPure™ successfully oxidizes H2S to remove the taste and odor associated with sulfides. The oxidation reaction can be controlled under alkaline conditions to produce soluble sulfate and a minimal amount of colloidal sulfur. Hence, turbidity is minimized.

H2S + 4 H2O2 SO4 2- + 4 H2O + 2 H+
(pH > 8)


Advantages of OxyPure™ Treatment System

  • Economical
  • Easily administered
  • No toxic fumes
  • No harmful by-products
Comparison of OxyPure™ to Other Chemical Removal Systems
 OxyPure™ H2O2KMnO4Chlorine
Physical FormLiquidSolidGas
Oxidation Potential1.77 V1.67 V1.36 V
Reaction TimeMinutesMinutesMinutes
Product Cost ($/#)$0.65 *$1.34 **$0.12 **
Predominant ProductSO4 2-S, SO4 2-S, SO4 2-
Decomposition ProductsH2O, O2MnO2Chlorinated Species
Requirement for Removing 1 mg/L H2S:4.0 mg/L6.2 mg/L8.3 mg/L
Dose Rate Cost $/MG$44.00$53.00$10.00

* List price for 50% OxyPureTM, bulk tank trucks, as of May 22, 1995
** Chemical Marketing Reporter, May 22, 1995

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