Gravity Main Sulfide Odor Control with Hydrogen Peroxide

Gravity main sewer systems include major trunk lines and the tributaries that feed them. Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) odor builds up in the collections system as the flows collect from upstream reaches and become larger, deeper and more septic (oxygen depleted) in the downstream reaches more near to the wastewater treatment plant.  In general, most of the more significant hydrogen sulfide odor and corrosion control problems occur in the major trunk systems segments conveying flow to the plant. 

Therefore, selection of sulfide treatment for gravity systems has several options depending mainly on:

  • Duration of control required
  • Degree of septicity (oxygen depletion)
  • Location of target control points or "hot spots"
  • Location of available dosing points upstream of "hot spots"
  • Availability of civil infrastructure and utilities
  • Sensitivity to hazardous chemicals

Treatment Methods

Several proven treatment methods exist that can be evaluated depending on specific operational conditions and sulfide loadings.  As a general guide the following technology fit can be used:

Control Duration

Cost Effective Treatment Options

Short  (<2 hours)

H2O2, Iron Salts, Alkali

Medium (2 to 5 hours)

Iron Salts, Nitrate Salts, Alkali; PRI-SC

Long (>5 hours)

Iron Salts, PRI-SC

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