Sulfide Odor Control Solutions Using Hydrogen Peroxide

USP Technologies (USP) has solutions for sulfide odor control challenges that most wastewater treatment facilities are facing in these times of economic uncertainty. Whether it is the stress of budget cuts, reduced manpower, or having to "do more with less", operations need increased sulfide odor control performance and cost savings from their wastewater treatment partners.

We have turn-key solutions that can solve your sulfide odor control problems and reduce your budget stress ... solutions we call the USP Advantage. It's the total package! Everything included in one price. You'll be surprised to receive all this value and find it saves money over your existing odor control treatment costs.

No Capital Outlay

No expensive capital requirement for your stressed sulfide odor control budget. Equipment included!

Applications Development

Performance-engineered sulfide odor control treatment solutions tailored for your situation, your odor problem, your facility.

Full Service Program Management

We'll manage your new optimized sulfide odor control program to assure that it's operating at peak performance, meeting your odor compliance goals and staying within budget.

Equipment Systems & Engineering

We'll supply you with engineered storage and dosing systems that are specially designed for your system. No extra cost - it's all included.

Ongoing Performance Monitoring

Real-time odor control performance monitoring, adjusted dosing, and you won't need additional personnel because we're there 24/7.

Total Chemical Management

We'll manage your new sulfide odor control treatment program and chemical inventory too! No more over-dosing or under-dosing. Finally, a plan that works optimally to save you money and assure that your chemical supply is there when needed. Iron salts, hydrogen peroxide or multi-technology treatments- we can manage it for you.

We’re more than hydrogen peroxide.

Our customers say our approach to solving wastewater problems sets us apart.

Whether it’s saving money on your iron salts program or solving persistent sulfide odor problems, let USP conduct an “Economic Plan Survey ” at your facility. We can quickly and accurately determine a cost savings plan at no charge to you.

Call us and challenge us to save you money!

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