Southeast Municipal Wastewater Odor Control

Collections System Installation using PRI-SC®

This is a sample 7,800 gallon ferrous chloride (FeCl2) storage and dosing system installation within the collection system of a large Southeast municipality. The FeCl2 is used in conjunction with hydrogen peroxide as part of USP Technologies' proprietary PRI-SC® process.

PRI-SC® is a combination treatment that integrates iron salts with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in a synergistic fashion. At the most basic level, PRI-SC® treatment may be viewed as an oxidant (hydrogen peroxide) regenerating the spent iron salt (FeS) in-situ, yielding fresh ferric (Fe3+) iron and colloidal sulfur. The combined treatment provides cost benefits superior to either chemical alone, while allowing greater flexibility as to the placement of storage and dosing facilities. Other benefits are accrued to the reaction, including: reduced solids (FeS) loadings, accelerated reaction rates and enhanced flocculation (in clarifiers). The process has particular benefit when employed for gravity interceptors, force main discharges and headworks treatment.

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