Vapor Fogging Technology for Hydrogen Sulfide and Mercaptan Control

A Southwest wastewater treatment facility was experiencing vapor hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan odors in the headspace of one of their pump stations. USP Technologies (USP) provided a proprietary vapor fogging technology (VFT) which involves fogging a dilute mixture of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH) into the enclosed vapor space to oxidize H2S and mercaptan related odors. The process consists of two chemical storage/feed modules, a solution make-up tank, and a fogging apparatus. The underlying principle is absorption of gaseous H2S into an alkaline water solution, with concurrent oxidation of the absorbed H2S. The principles of operation are the same as those used in packed (and mist) tower odor scrubbers.

The fogging systems are designed to deliver the appropriate amount of each chemical into the headspace to treat the vapor H2S and mercaptan loading on a continuous basis. USP provides a full-service project delivery scope for all the VFT and H2O2 equipment components, program management, application services, equipment maintenance and operations support. Other vapor fogging technology applications include treatment plant headworks, pump station wet wells, gravity sewers, and biosolids storage tanks.

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