Acid Mine Drainage Treatment

USP's Acid Mine Drainage Program is a Successful, Cost Effective Solution

Turn-key program reduced chemical expenses, solids , and energy costs.

A Northeast Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) treatment facility was using calcium hydroxide (lime) to precipitate iron from the mine pool water. The iron in the water stream is in soluble form known as ferrous iron (Fe2). Lime was used to raise the pH of the water from 6.2 s.u. to over 8.0 s.u. to precipitate out ferrous hydroxide (Fe(OH)2).

USP Technologies was selected as the Hydrogen Peroxide program provider for this Northeast AMD treatment facility for our full service, turn-key approach.

USP's turn-key program reduced chemical expenses by greater than 60%, solids were reduced more than 80%, and energy costs decreased by nearly 25%.


Download the Full Acid Mine Drainage Case Study (pdf)


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