Remediation of Pesticides and Petroleum Products | Total Chemical Management

Total Chemical Management, Specialized Equipment Design

US Peroxide was contracted to provide total chemical management including chemicals, logistics, field services, equipment mixing and storage systems as well as chemical management oversight for the remediation of pesticides and petroleum products at a site located in California.

Due to significant dry chemical requirements as well as a large square footage application treatment area, this project included the need to design a novel way to spread supersack quantities of chemical in a controlled manner. The resulting system pictured uses a device at the end of the spreader to accomplish this task. Equipment requirements included three 3-ton capacity dry material spreaders, all terrain tractors and a 3-ton all-terrain forklift system to distribute dry chemicals.

US Peroxide can supply a wide range of chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, ferrous sulfate, sodium persulfate, sodium percarbonate, acids and others commonly used for ISCO or other remediation technologies. These chemicals are available in wet (drum, tote, bulk) or dry (bags or super sacks where applicable) form. USP works with remediation companies to develop a cost effective, logistically optimized, and reliable chemical management program based on project specific chemicals, quantities, usage rates and other project constraints.

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