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Aeration Lagoons and High Temperatures

We have been having persistent issues maintaining dissolved oxygen levels in our aeration lagoons. We are looking at adding more surface aerators as a possible fix but heard hydrogen peroxide might be another alternative. We don't have any experience with hydrogen peroxide. How would your system work? How will it compare to adding aeration equipment?  Louis - Wastewater Manager




Hydrogen Peroxide is an excellent way to deal with high plant loadings or inefficient aeration equipment at high temperatures. Whereas aerators are limited at transferring oxygen at high temps hydrogen peroxide is not. H2O2 is 100% efficient at transferring oxygen to your lagoon. Our full service systems can be installed on site and be used as needed. Whenever you see the dissolved oxygen levels in your lagoon dropping you can simply turn on the peroxide until the plant is back to normal. Our team of program managers and application engineers can help support your application to make sure performance targets are being met. We also provide inventory management and maintenance of the equipment as part of our service.


Louis, I hope this helps answer your question.  If you have further questions, please give our Applications Team a call at  (877) 346-4262.



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