Our Mission Statement

Our overall mission is to develop cost effective peroxygen-based applications, technologies and full-service treatment programs that provide value-added solutions to our customers.

USP Technologies H2O2 Programs

USP Technologies (USP) specializes in:

  • Applications in municipal wastewater and drinking water treatment, industrial waste treatment, remediation and UV-Oxidation.
  • Turn-key chemical treatment programs that deliver process performance enhancement and operational cost savings benefits using proprietary peroxygen based technologies and an optimized operations management approach.

Hydrogen Peroxide Advanced Technologies

Peroxide mistThese programs include our proprietary Peroxide Regenerated Iron Technology programs (PRI-TECH™), which are specially designed to target hydrogen sulfide control, phosphorus removal and digester process enhancements in municipal wastewater systems as well as a variety of "hot spot" and chlorine replacement technologies.

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Full-Service Operations Management Approach

Our consultative approach to problem solving includes performing objective customer "needs" assessments, application modeling and development of chemical treatment programs tailored to a customer's specific requirements.

Full-service programs successfully integrate storage and dosing equipment systems, chemical supply, inventory and logistics management, and ongoing field and technical support. This comprehensive operations and program management approach provides cost effective "hands-off" solutions to customers in all areas of the municipal, industrial, remediation and drinking water markets.

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Applications Development and Technical Expertise

US Peroxide workerA cornerstone to USP's applications development process is support from the industry's most experienced technical experts and engineering professionals. We maintain one of the largest, most technically capable teams in the industry which ensures our programs are the right fit for your specific application. Our commitment to this dedicated technical team has enabled USP to continuously develop new technologies and customer solutions.

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Integrated Storage, Dosing and Control Systems

USP's Equipment and Engineering Services (EES) division is dedicated to supporting our customers' integrated storage, dosing control and equipment systems needs. These chemical-specific systems are manufactured in strict accordance to industry engineering standards, are modular in design for turn-key installation and are easily integrated into current customer operations or distributed control systems. Our customized systems typically consist of the following:

  • An engineered chemical storage vessel with integral secondary containment,
  • A ChemWatchTM Control Monitor for tank-side digital display and remote telemetry interface for communications and control,
  • A pump/dosing assembly skid for metering applications and
  • All required safety devices.

The USP EES group is responsible for project management, engineering/design, equipment installation and start-up, control systems management and ongoing service programs. This comprehensive support allows customers to focus on other areas of their operation and enables management and maintenance resources to be more effectively deployed elsewhere.

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Chemical Supply and Management

US Peroxide tankerAs the largest direct North American supplier of hydrogen peroxide for environmental service applications, USP provides comprehensive chemical logistics and supply management services.

Through partnerships with the top four hydrogen peroxide producers, FMC, Arkema, Evonik Industries and Solvay Chemicals, we maintain access to the most comprehensive supply and distribution network within North America. This leadership position assures customers an uninterrupted supply and competitive pricing.

In addition, USP has also developed supply partnerships with leading producers of iron salts, performance chemicals and specialty equipment systems. Through these relationships, we can provide high quality products and services at competitive prices. We ensure the most efficient management of best-fit technical solutions, no matter what program or technology is required.

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Ongoing Field and Technical Operations Support

US Peroxide workerUSP's job doesn't end when the equipment is installed and the chemical treatment programs are commissioned. We provide ongoing field and technical operations support through the development of a very specific performance-driven management program. This program includes defining service specifications, performance targets, reporting and monitoring protocols as well as adherence to budgetary requirements.

Our customers also receive customized preventative and routine maintenance programs, annual system inspections and annual refresher safety training as needed. USP is always there to support our customers' needs and can respond within 24 hours to address any operational issue or emergency.

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