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In-situ Soil and Groundwater Treatment (ISCO)Total Chemical ManagementUSP Technologies (USP) provides turn-key chemical management and full-service field programs to engineering firms and remediation technology practitioners using In-Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) or other technologies requiring chemical storage and handling. USP programs have proven to be cost-effective and highly efficient using custom-designed chemical handling and management programs deployed by highly skilled field service teams.

In-situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) 

Soils contaminated with hydrocarbons (petroleum residues, solvents, pesticides, wood preservatives, etc.) present one of the more difficult challenges for remediation specialists. This is particularly true when the contamination has spread deep below the surface, making excavation costly or impractical.

With ISCO treatment, a combination of oxidizers and activators are introduced to these areas via a well system to chemically oxidize the contaminants into mineralized products such as CO2, salts, and readily biodegradable organic fragments.  This treatment method has proven to be less expensive, easier to control and can achieve more rapid results than some other conventional treatment methods.

Oxidizers & Activators 

USP supplies a wide selection of oxidizers and activators for ISCO treatment with various packaging options available.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide (bulk, totes or drums) 4% - 50%
  • Caustic Soda (bulk, totes or drums) 25% - 50%
  • Sodium Permanganate (bulk, totes or drums) various concentrations available
  • Sodium Persulfate (dry in 55 lb bags and super sacks or wet, blended to specification)
  • Percarbonate
  • Ferrous Sulfate & Ferrous Sulfate EDTA

Please note that this is a shortened list of our more common offerings, so please contact us regarding your specific application so that we ay tailor a chemical solution that meets your needs.

Remediation Total Chemical Management

Ex-situ Soil and Groundwater Treatment

Utilizing ultraviolet light and an oxidant is a proven technology for the treatment of environmental contaminants including MIB, geosmin, NDMA and various pharmaceuticals.

Equipment Solutions

USP tailors our modular chemical handling systems based on each application and the client's needs.  We also work with our clients to determine a solution that works best for them to deliver the required chemical dosages.  Standard USP systems include:

  • Storage/dilution tanks (500-7,800 gallon HDPE with secondary containment)
  • 650 gallon mix tubs for dry chemical mixing
  • Metering pumps including all hoses, connectors, fittings
  • Containment berms
  • Emergency response stations
  • Flow control equipment - flow meters, rotameters, dosing manifolds, splitters, etc.
  • Heavy equipment - generators, forklifts, fencing, etc.

Please contact USP for more information regarding all equipment offerings available and let us custom design and manage the handling/storage for your next remedial application.

Support and Services

USP's consultative approach to problem solving includes performing objective customer "needs" assessments, applications assistance and development of chemical treatment programs tailored to a customer's specific requirements.  Our full-service programs successfully implement the safe mobilization and demobilization of chemical storage and dosing equipment systems as well as staging and oversight of chemical inventory and supply.  USP's highly trained field service technicians also provide ongoing field and technical support including daily JSA's, chemical blending/mixing, injection assistance and general project management throughout the application.  This comprehensive operations and program management approach provides cost effective "hands-off" solutions to our remediation customers.

Rapid Response H2O2Rapid Response

USP Technologies is uniquely positioned to rapidly respond to your environmental treatment challenges. USP combines experienced applications and equipment field support with a large inventory of storage systems and pumping modules to respond quickly to time sensitive soil, groundwater and wastewater treatment situations.

Please contact USP Technologies for more information about our full-service programs so that we may determine which level of service is appropriate for your remedial application.

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