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Chemical Supply and Logistics

Chemical Supply and Logistics H2O2, Persulfate

USP Technologies (USP) specializes in chemical logistics and supply management services. We continue to be the largest direct North American supplier of hydrogen peroxide for environmental service applications. Through partnerships with the top four hydrogen peroxide producers, we currently maintain access to the most comprehensive supply and distribution network within North America. This leadership position assures customers an uninterrupted supply and competitive pricing.

In addition, USP has also developed supply partnerships with leading producers of iron salts, performance chemicals such as persulfate and percarbonate and specialty equipment systems. Through these relationships we can provide high quality products and services at competitive prices. This ensures the most efficient management of best-fit technical solutions, no matter what program or technology is required.

USP maintains multiple levels of site control and monitoring providing simple inventory management services up to advanced process control, SCADA interface, system monitoring and diagnostics and alarming through the USP ChemWatch Advanced Control System (ACS)™.

Remote Monitoring

USP utilizes ChemWatch telemetry and control technology to remotely monitor tank levels, provide customized dose profiles, and perform system diagnostics and reporting. The ChemWatch control unit provides a local real-time level display for easy tank level reference. The unit can also receive an external analog signal for direct process feed rate control or it can be locally or remotely programmed to provide complete customer specific control programs.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is accomplished through remote tank level monitoring. The USP COMS control center monitors usage and schedules deliveries accordingly. Each account can have customized reorder points with customers receiving e-mail alerts for planned deliveries. The COMs operation monitors daily usages and reports variances to account team members for corrective actions. Data can be extracted for usage history and for budget management.

System Diagnostics

Easily-interpreted charts of actual tank levels are provided as the simplest diagnostics tool. More advanced system diagnostics are available including system pressure verification (pump performance), dose rate variance to set-point and loss of flow.

Customized Dose Control

Through an extensive system modeling and sampling program, USP develops a dose profile to meet control objectives as well as minimizing chemical usage. The ChemWatch ACS provides precise control as well as performance feedback capabilities to ensure optimum program performance.

System Monitoring and Alarming

Multiple levels of system monitoring and alarming can be configured including pump performance, flow verification, leak detection and level monitoring. Alarm notification is customized to include the ChemWatch control center, USP account first responders, and can include select customer representatives either through email, text notification or through an onsite master control system.

Delivery Scheduling

Through our telemetry system, USP manages the chemical inventory of customers around the country, planning deliveries for whenever they are needed. Customers receive email notifications when deliveries are scheduled, and have the ability to override them, if needed. Otherwise, this hassle free service provides peace of mind for local plant operations, which can focus on their own operations, knowing the continuous supply of chemicals won't cause any disruption to their processes.

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