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Hydrogen Peroxide Equipment Systems and Engineering

Hydrogen Peroxide Equipment Systems and Engineering

USP Technologies (USP) specializes in the design and installation of bulk and mini-bulk chemical handling systems to serve the municipal, industrial, remediation and drinking water markets. Our ability to provide proven, value-added comprehensive full-service solutions is unique within the industry. Our engineers work closely with our application experts to provide efficient, cost effective and high quality turn-key chemical management solutions, whether the requirement is less than five gallons per day or 5,000 gallons per day. Engineers are available for design support and consultation for all chemical handling requirements.

Turn-key Systems

Hydrogen Peroxide Equipment Systems and EngineeringUSP maintains many off-the-shelf designs for quick response to customer needs. Systems can be designed for permanent long term treatment programs or temporary trial/pilot programs. Each has secondary or site containment, integrated control systems and low voltage power requirements for ease of installation. Systems arrive on-site in modular form, tested and passivated for immediate installation and chemical use.

Tank Systems

  • HDPE or FRP reinforced HDPE tanks with integral secondary containment. All tanks are designed according to appropriate chemical industry standards. Site containment (or tertiary) systems are provided as needed.
  • Systems are designed with required safety devices in accordance with the strictest industry standards.
  • The ChemWatch™ Control Monitor provides tank-side digital display of level in gallons and provides remote communications to the ChemWatch™ Control Center and customized dose profiles. Tank leak detection and other system diagnostics are optional.
  • Tank size options range from 1,100 to 10,500 in double wall systems or up to 15,000 with single wall designs. Each tank system can be provided with seismic restraint.

Pump Assembly Skids

  • Includes two ProMinent™ pumps for metering applications or other pump types per specific process requirements. Suction and discharge piping is passivated 316 stainless steel for H2O2 or Sch 80 CPVC for iron salts. Other systems are designed for specific chemical requirements.
  • Standard fittings include backpressure regulator, pressure relief valves and calibration assembly.
  • Electrical Control Panel, which provides on/off manual or automatic operation of either pump.
  • All H2O2 pump skids are designed and fabricated with required safety relief devices and are passivated to ensure product quality and safety.
  • All skids are mounted in environmental enclosures for leak management and equipment preservation. Enclosures can be outfitted with leak detection and seismic restraint as options.

Installation, Startup and Maintenance

Hydrogen Peroxide Equipment Systems and EngineeringUSP’s turn-key programs include installation, testing, start-up and all equipment system maintenance. At start-up, all metering pumps are calibrated and calibration curves are provided for easy reference.

As part of the full-service program, each system is regularly inspected and checked throughout the contract period. USP develops customized preventive maintenance programs for all systems provided by USP. Highly skilled and trained Field Service Technicians perform required preventive or routine maintenance and keep documentation of completion. USP also performs annual system inspections and annual refresher safety training. USP Field Service personnel can respond within 24 hours to address equipment issues.

Custom Design & Fabrication

With our full-service fabrication shop, located in Buffalo, NY, USP can custom design and fabricate any modifications needed to our standardized systems. From chemical specific designs to multiple dose points and complex dosing programs, USP can meet all requirements.

Safety Compliance

USP manages all activities with strict adherence to safety and environmental compliance utilizing a Product Stewardship Program to guide activities. This practice ensures all systems are designed, installed and maintained properly. Strict system design fundamentals, highly skilled and trained field personnel and comprehensive installation and maintenance procedures are the foundation of the program. Every member of our team is highly trained and experienced and all USP systems are designed in strict accordance with chemical industry standards and according to each specific chemical hazard class.

Safety and operational training is provided to all operations personnel prior to start-up. Training consists of both classroom and field demonstration, and can be scheduled to accommodate different shift times as required. Two copies of a general training video are provided for Safety, Operations and Maintenance personnel.

Bulk and Mini-Bulk Solutions

USP offers many programs to assist with the safe storage, handling and use of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and other chemicals. USP programs and systems are recognized as being of the highest quality and are designed to the strictest of USP and chemical manufacturer standards.

USP can provide “Mini-Bulk” chemical storage options ranging from 500 to 3,000 gallons with systems customized to usage patterns, space availability, terminal locations, etc. The objective is always providing the safest, most reliable and cost effective solution for USP customers.

USP also specializes in Bulk chemical supply programs for higher usage applications or where logistics require freight optimization for full tank truck deliveries. For these locations USP offers tanks from 5,000 to 10,500 gallons in double wall configuration and up to 15,000 gal in single wall designs. Each tank, regardless of size, is designed and fabricated to strict USP standards that exceed those of the industry.

Download our USP Bulk and Mini-Bulk Solutions Brochure (pdf)

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