USP-OC31 Applications

USP-OC31 is a chlorite based oxidant blend that effectively and rapidly oxidizes hydrogen sulfide and organic odors in wastewater collection systems and treatment plants including headworks, thickeners and dewatering operations.  USP-OC31 is environmentally-friendly and does not form chlorinated by-products, with the end-product being table salt (sodium chloride).

USP-OC31 Properties and Dosing

USP-OC31's main active ingredient, sodium chlorite (NaClO2), is a fast-reacting oxidant (seconds) that provides immediate control of hydrogen sulfide and many organic odors in both collection systems and treatment plants, particularly in solids processing operations.

USP-OC31 is supplied in 300 gallons totes and in bulk quantities of up to 4,000 gallon tank truck loads.

USP-OC31 oxidizes hydrogen sulfide according to the following equation:

Neutral-Acid pH:

2 H2S + NaClO2 2 S + HCl + NaOH + H2O

Alkaline pH:

S2- + 2 NaClO2 SO42- + 2 NaCl

Theoretical dose ratios of USP-OC31 are dependent on the pH of the solution being treated. Under neutral-acid pH, the theoretical dose ratio is 1.4 lbs NaClO2 per 1 lb H2S, with practical dose rates anywhere from 1.6 to 4 depending on the application. Under alkaline pH conditions, the theoretical dose ratio is 5.6 lbs NaClO2 per 1 lb H2S, with practical dose rates anywhere from 6 to 12 depending on the application.

Benefits of USP-OC31

USP Technologies offers full-service, turn-key programs that include all equipment and installation, equipment maintenance, application and technical support, inventory management, process control options and safety training.  These programs offer the following benefits:

  • Cost-effective odor control
  • No need to purchase capital equipment
  • Simple dosing system
  • Fast reaction, allowing system placement near odor release point
  • No troublesome by-products
  • Efficient and immediate reaction with hydrogen sulfide and organic odors

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