Vapor Fogging with Hydrogen Peroxide

Vapor Fogging Treatment (VFT) for Vapor Phase Sulfides

USP Technologies (USP) has developed a proprietary technology which involves fogging a dilute mixture of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH) into an enclosed vapor space to oxidize hydrogen sulfide (H2S)-related odors.

Applications include treatment plant headworks, pump station wet wells, gravity sewers, and biosolids storage tanks. VFT is applicable for both small and large air flows containing a wide range of H2S concentrations, with achievable H2S removal rates of > 98%.


  • Effective. Hydrogen sulfide removal rates are greater than 90%.
  • Full Service Program. Includes all associated chemicals, services and equipment (and no capital outlay) to ensure rapid deployment.
  • No Emissions Permitting. Vapor fogging does not require emissions permitting since there are no discharged vapors – the alkaline mist remains in the enclosed space.
  • Small Footprint. The entire VFT system can fit into a 10’ x 10’ area (not including chemical storage).
  • Reaction Products. Reaction produces sodium sulfate and water. Reaction occurs within seconds.
  • Safe. Engineered through Process Hazards Analysis with built-in limit controls.

The Vapor Fogging Process

The VFT process consists of two chemical storage/feed modules, a solution make-up tank, and a fogging apparatus. The underlying principle is absorption of gaseous H2S into an alkaline water solution, with concurrent oxidation of the absorbed H2S. Chemical feed is matched to H2S loadings to maximize cost performance.

Download Complete Vapor Fogging Technical Bulletin (PDF)

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