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H2O2 Field Methods and Test Kits

The table below lists several easy-to-use products for measuring H2O2 residuals in the field. The more appropriate selection will depend on a number of factors including the concentration of H2O2 expected, the potential for interfering substances in the water, and the frequency of analysis. Note that the upper limit of each detection range is somewhat artificial, since higher concentrations of H2O2 may be determined by diluting the sample.

 Test StripsTest Kits
ManufacturerEM ScienceMacherey-NagelCHEMetricsLaMotteHach
SourceLab Safety SupplyScientific ProductsCHEMetricsLaMotteHach
BasisPeroxidase enzymeStarch-IodideIron ThiocyanateDPDStarch-Iodide, Thiosulfate
MethodColor comparisonColor comparisonAmpule color comparator titrationDisk colorDrop count colorimetric comparator
Range, mg/L0.5-253-1000.05-100.1-400.2-10
InterferencesNone likely or reducing agentsOxidizing or reducing agentsOxidizing or reducing agentsOxidizing or reducing agentsOxidizing or reducing agents
Ease of OperationVery easyVery easyEasyModerateModerate
Product NameMerckoquant Peroxide TestQuantofix PeroxidePeroxide Test KitPeroxide DPD TabletModel HYP-1
Manufacturer No.10011-191312K-5510313822917-00
UnitTube of 100 stripsTube of 100 strips30 ampulesKit of 50 tests, refills availableKit of 100 tests
CommentsSemi-quantitative, loses accuracy with age - must be refrigeratedSemi-quantitative, interferences may cause problemsQuantitative, poor sensitivity in lower ranges, interferences are commonQuantitative, poor sensitivity in lower ranges, interferences are commonQuantitative, interferences may cause problems

Manufacturers and Sources
EM Science (division of EM Industries, Inc.). 480 N. Democrat Road, Gibbstown, NJ 08027. (856) 423-6300.
Lab Safety Supply. P.O. Box 1368, Janesville, WI 53547-1368. (800) 356-0783.
Scientific Products (division of Baxter Diagnostics). 1430 Waukegan Road, McGaw Park, IL 60085-6787. (800) 234-5227.
CHEMetrics, Inc. 4295 Catlett Road, Calverton, VA 22016. (800) 356-3072.
Hach Company, P.O. Box 608, Loveland, CO 80539-0608. (800) 227-4224.
LaMotte, Inc. Chestertown, MD 21620. (410) 778-3100.

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